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Choose Your Own Adventure 

Makes Your Students the Star of the Story

Makes Your Students the Star of the Story!

Choose Your Own Adventure is back...
The classic adventure series that sold 150 million copies worldwide, in 34 languages, is now fully revised and updated for a new generation of readers!

  • Develops the reading/writing connection
  • Motivates students to read and reread
  • Builds critical thinking skills
Q. What is the new Choose Your Own Adventure?
A. Choose Your Own Adventure is now a supplemental educational program with supportive teaching materials aimed at improving reading, writing, and thinking skills for students in grades 4–8.

Fully revised and updated with R. A. Montgomery, the original series author, these dynamic books make each reader the main character and "star", whose choices determine the outcome of the story. As students become active, central characters in these adventure-filled plots, they sharpen both their analytical and critical thinking skills. Even the most reluctant readers will be captivated and become engaged in thinking, learning, and choosing.
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Q. Why use the program in your classroom?
A. On tests, as in life, students are expected to read critically, analyze, and write about what they read. Choose Your Own Adventure helps on-level and reluctant readers think beyond literal comprehension to make connections, use information to make decisions, understand consequences, and evaluate characters and their motivations.
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Q. Who should use the Choose Your Own Adventure program?
A. Choose Your Own Adventure is suitable for any number of learning environments, and is ideal for:

  • Grade 4–8 Classroom Teachers
  • Reading and Language Arts Teachers
  • English Teachers
  • Summer School and After-School Teachers
  • Any educator who needs to motivate students to read and write and help students develop critical thinking skills.
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Q. How and when should the program be used?
A. The new Choose Your Own Adventure provides strategies for using the program in the classroom, in resource rooms, and with after-school and summer school curricula.

It is particularly well suited for students in grades 4–8:

  • who are looking for exciting and interactive reading material
  • who need to develop their critical and active thinking skills
  • who need to develop their writing skills
  • who need extra motivation to read
Use the Choose Your Own Adventure program:
  • in writing centers
  • for Writer's Workshop
  • in the Four-Blocks framework
  • in any writing block or time period where students focus on reading, thinking, and writing

Want to learn more about the new program?

What is the new Choose Your Own Adventure?

Why use the program in your classroom?

Who should use the program?

How and when should the program be used?

Want to take a look inside the components of the program?

36 Student Books: include the series' signature interactive format—a number of moments in the story where the reader must read, evaluate, choose, and then go forward to the appropriate page based on his or her choice.

Teacher Guides with CD-ROM: support all the student titles in the series

Writer's Handbook: with writing tips from the series author


Visit the Choose Your Own Adventure online catalog pages for descriptions of individual books and current pricing. (You will be leaving the program tour.)

Also available is The Abominable Snowman DVD, a new animated, interactive DVD that puts your students in control of the adventure.

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