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Timelines of Ancient Civilizations

Grades 5 to 6

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These six books present clearly written text and a collection of vivid, full-color illustrations, sure to make its educational content spring to life in young readers' minds. Organized in a learning-friendly timeline format, this series chronicles the key historical events of the ancient world of six key geographical areas.


Timelines of Ancient Civilizations
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationGRL LevelLexile®PriceStandards Correlations
WA-821945 Classroom Set: 36 Books (6 each of 6 titles)     $307.00  
WA-821946 Single Copy Set: 6 Books (1 each of 6 titles)     $54.00  
WA-821905 Aztecs: Student Book U 740L $9.00  
WA-821905-06 Aztecs: Student Book 6-Pack U 740L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821906 China: Student Book V 840L $9.00  
WA-821906-06 China: Student Book 6-Pack V 840L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821907 Egypt: Student Book V 850L $9.00  
WA-821907-06 Egypt: Student Book 6-Pack V 850L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821908 Ghana, Mali, Songhay: Student Book W 830L $9.00  
WA-821908-06 Ghana, Mali, Songhay: Student Book 6-Pack W 830L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821910 Greece: Student Book W 860L $9.00  
WA-821910-06 Greece: Student Book 6-Pack W 860L $54.00 Correlate
WA-821909 Rome: Student Book W 860L $9.00  
WA-821909-06 Rome: Student Book 6-Pack W 860L $54.00 Correlate

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