Grade 2 Informational Text Sets

Grade 2

Grade 2 Informational Text Sets are organized to meet content standards as well as the reading needs of individual students.

Teaching with text sets stimulates your students' interest by offering them choices of what to read. Multiple texts representing multiple perspectives provide you and your students with the materials they need to achieve the goals set forth by the Common Core State Standards. Each Informational Text Set includes:
  • Read-Aloud title(s)
  • 6 copies of each Leveled Book
  • Topic-specific Teacher Guide
    • Tips for teaching with informational text sets
    • Lesson plans
    • CCSS-aligned assessments (Selected Response, Constructed Response, and Performance Tasks)
  • Display Box
Science Text Sets
 Animal and Plant Adaptation Set GRL KM
SciencePlants Make Their Own Food Read-Aloud Book
Predators and Prey Read-Aloud Book
Amazing Crickets
Mammals of Sea and Land
Peculiar Plants
Rain Forest Birds
Turtles in Trouble
What Do Critters Do in the Winter?
What's on the Food Chain Menu?
Wonderfully Weird Animals
 Earth Set GRL KM
ScienceGeologists Read-Aloud Book
Digging for Dinosaurs
Earth Above and Below
Follow the River
Landforms by the Sea
Rocks & Soil
The Story of Oil
Studying Our Earth, Inside and Out
Water on Earth
 Nutrition and the Human Body Set GRL KM
ScienceHuman Body Read-Aloud Book
Being Human
Brain Power
Foods We Eat
Healthy Eating
Look Inside Your Body
What Happens When You Exercise?
You Are What You Eat
Social Studies Text Sets
 Biographies Set GRL KM
Abraham Lincoln
Cesar E. Chavez
Eleanor Roosevelt
Eli Whitney
Henry Ford
Jackie Robinson
Martin Luther King, Jr.
Rosa Parks
Susan B. Anthony
 The United States Set GRL KM
What Are the US Regions? Read-Aloud Book
America's Landscape
America's National Parks
Caring for Our Land
Fifty States, One Country
The Grand Canyon
The Mississippi River
Niagara Falls
The Rockies
Math Text Set
 Math Set GRL KN
MathTiling Shapes Read-Aloud Book
The Artist's Eye
Fact Families
Fair Share
Give It a Guess!
Keeping Time
Planning a Fair
Solid Shapes!
Ways of Measuring, Then and Now
When You Estimate
GRL: Guided Reading Level

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Grade 2 Informational Text Sets
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-827520 Animal and Plant Adaptations: 60 Student Books (6 each of 10 titles); 2 Read Alouds; 1 Teacher Guide $436.00
WA-827521 Earth: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide $367.00
WA-827522 Nutrition and the Human Body: 42 Student Books (6 each of 7 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide $304.00
WA-827525 Biographies: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 1 Teacher Guide $469.00
WA-827524 The United States: 48 Student Books (6 each of 8 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide $366.00
WA-827523 Math: 54 Student Books (6 each of 9 titles); 1 Read Aloud; 1 Teacher Guide $349.00

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