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Sundance Starters

Grades PreK to 2

Create a Love of Reading and Desire to Learn with Fiction and Nonfiction Leveled Readers

  • Now with 25 NEW Fiction titles for Guided Reading Levels A-E!
  • Engage young students with 105 developmentally appropriate Fiction and Nonfiction Texts covering a variety of text types and genres, Guided Reading Levels A-J
  • Teach early Reading skills and concepts with Guided Reading instruction in simple-to-use individual Lesson Plans for each Student Book.
  • Build students' reading confidence while increasing comprehension and fluency with texts that gradually increase in complexity.
  • Take a Look Inside! Download a Program Brochure for Sundance Starters.


Sundance Starters are designed to prepare very young students for real-life reading. The 105 Fiction and Nonfiction Leveled Readers contain accessible text for students learning print concepts, with large photographs and illustrations to focus students' attention and promote literacy skills.

Student Books

6-Packs Contain Print and E-Book Formats

25 Fiction Books, with 5 titles at each Reading Level A-E:
  • Feature fun and engaging stories with child-friendly characters and strong picture-text correlations
  • Increase word knowledge and fluency with repetition of high-frequency words
  • Contain appealing illustrations
  • Take a Look Inside! Download a FREE Fiction Student E-Book sample.
80 Nonfiction Books, with 8 titles at each Reading Level A-J:
  • Build young students' content knowledge and vocabulary
  • Cover key Nonfiction content topics such as Families, Communities, Life Science, Physical Science, and Engineering Design
  • Contain Nonfiction text features such as picture glossaries, tables of contents, and photographs with captions
  • Take a Look Inside! Download a FREE Nonfiction Student E-Book sample.

Lesson Plans

Individual Lesson Plans for each book, aligned to Reading Standards, contain Guided Reading instruction and emphasize oral language acquisition for below-level readers and English Language Learners
  • Lesson Overview with book and standards information
  • Before Reading:
    • Introduce the book topic.
    • Review print concepts
    • Build vocabulary
  • During Reading: Close Reading Skills/Strategies introduce students to the skills necessary to achieve comprehension of a text
    • Asking and answering questions
    • Comparing and contrasting
    • Identifying sequence
    • Recognizing causes and effects
  • After Reading
    • Speaking and Listening Strategies
    • Phonological Awareness/Phonics
    • Focus on Oral Language Development for ELLs
    • Fluency Exercises
    • Vocabulary Review
    • Tips for Spanish Speakers
  • Student Blackline Master monitors students' progress
  • Take a Look Inside! Download a FREE Lesson Plan sampler.
Take a Look Inside! Download a Program Brochure for Sundance Starters.

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level
Sundance Starters GRL A Set PreK - 2 A
Sundance Starters GRL B Set PreK - 2 B
Sundance Starters GRL C Set PreK - 2 C
Sundance Starters GRL D Set PreK - 2 D
Sundance Starters GRL E Set PreK - 2 E
Sundance Starters GRL F Set PreK - 2 F
Sundance Starters GRL G Set PreK - 2 G
Sundance Starters GRL H Set PreK - 2 H
Sundance Starters GRL I Set PreK - 2 I
Sundance Starters GRL J Set PreK - 2 J


Sundance Starters
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-39013 Fiction Single Copy Set: 25 Books (1 each of 25 titles) $185.00
WA-39014 Fiction Classroom Set: 150 Print Books (6 each of 25 titles); 25 E-Books (PDFs); 25 Lesson Plans $1,220.00
WA-38386 Nonfiction Single Copy Set: 80 Books (1 each of 80 titles) $592.00
WA-38387 Nonfiction Classroom Set: 480 Print Books (6 each of 80 titles); 80 E-Books (PDFs); 80 Lesson Plans $3,899.00
WA-38699 Complete Single Copy Set: 105 Books (1 each of 105 titles) $775.00
WA-38703 Complete Classroom Set: 630 Print Books (6 each of 105 titles); 105 E-Books (PDFs); 105 Lesson Plans $4,999.00

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