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Spotlight on Comprehension

Grades 1 to 6

Prepare Students to Become Active and Successful Readers, Writers, and Thinkers!

  • DEVELOP reading comprehension with research-based and explicit instruction, combined with multiple opportunities to practice and apply comprehension skills, and to evaluate and assess studentsí progress.
  • MANAGE time, teach more content, and differentiate instruction with 180 standards-based nonfiction and fiction leveled readers.
  • PROGRESS from teacher-led modeling and instruction to student independent learning and achievement through gradual release of responsibility instruction:   Explain * Model * Practice * Apply * Assess

Explicit instruction is found in the Teacher Guides, Big Books, Student Books, and in the Interactive Whiteboard and Assessment activities on the CD.

Direct Explanation: Teacher Guide

  • The Teacher Guide for each level includes a step-by-step lesson plan for each Student Book and corresponding Big Book, and reproducible practice worksheets.
  • Take a Look Inside! Download a FREE Teacher Guide Sampler.


Big Books model specific strategies and clarify understanding of each skill.

Big Books

  • Fiction and nonfiction pieces are written for each skill.
  • Laminated pages allow students and teachers to mark up the text.

Guided Practice
Reproducible worksheets offer multiple opportunities for students to practice and strengthen skills.

Skills Practice Reproducible Worksheets

  • Big Book Skills Practice Worksheets provide additional practice.
  • Graphic organizers help students synthesize information and organize their understanding of a skill.
Students independently monitor, assess, and improve their comprehension using print and digital leveled nonfiction and fiction readers.

Student Books

  • Fiction and Nonfiction Student Books are organized by comprehension skills within each grade level.
  • Books include a variety of text types: Narrative, Description, Procedure, Recount, Argument, Informative Reports, Explanation, Literary Recount, Discussion, and Poetry.
  • Take a Closer Look! Download the Spotlight on Comprehension Scope and Sequence. (895K pdf)
Assessment is essential to Spotlight on Comprehension and occurs throughout each stage of the program.

  • Diagnostic Assessment Pre- and Post-Tests
  • Constructive Writing Response Activities
  • Interactive CLOZE Activities
  • Assessment and Record-Keeping Templates
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Take a Closer Look!

Spotlight on Comprehension Teacher Guide Sampler
Download a FREE Teacher Guide sampler.

Spotlight on Comprehension Pacing Plan (550K pdf)

Spotlight on Comprehension is aligned to the Common Core State Standards!

Researched & Approved:
View the Spotlight on Comprehension Research Report.

Spotlight on Comprehension and Response to Intervention (RTI) (670K pdf)

8 Comprehension Skills spiral throughout the 6 grade levels:

Identifying Detail

Main Idea


Compare and Contrast

Fact and Opinion

Cause and Effect

Bias and Prejudice

Figurative Language

Download the complete program Scope and Sequence to learn more. (895K pdf)

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile®
Spotlight on Comprehension Grade 1 1 G - I 170L - 510L
Spotlight on Comprehension Grade 2 2 J - N 250L - 810L
Spotlight on Comprehension Grade 3 3 N - P 440L - 760L
Spotlight on Comprehension Grade 4 4 Q - S 620L - 940L
Spotlight on Comprehension Grade 5 5 T - V 760L - 1000L
Spotlight on Comprehension Grade 6 6 W - Y 840L - 1170L

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