Grade 3 Collections

Grade 3

New Set D Now Available! Download the complete list of titles in Set C and Set D.
Sundance/Newbridge Grade 3 Collections help you expose students to lots of books, an experience that is necessary for them to become good readers. We have organized bestselling nonfiction and fiction titles into specially priced collections to meet your curriculum needs—saving you valuable time and money!

Each 48-50 Book Collection Includes a FREE Storage/Display Box

Set A CollectionSet B Collection
ScienceThe Big BearsJAnimals in HidingJ
GravityJWhales on the World Wide WebJ
Animal CommunicationKOur Sun, Our WeatherK
Being HumanKVolcanoesK
Eye on the SkyKSticky and SlimyL
TrainsLWhat Is Technology?L
The World of DinosaursLWonderfully Weird AnimalsL
In the Time of the DinosaursMHurricanes and TornadoesM
Make Mine Ice CreamMMachines Called RobotsM
Can Kids Save the Earth?NBiggest, Highest, FastestN
Science ToolsNThe Web of LifeN
Scientists at WorkOWhose Crazy Idea Was That?N
Simple MachinesOThe Cleanup CrewO
Food for LifePExploring Everyday WondersO
Green PowerPWild WeatherO
Sea LifePLife in the DesertP
We’ve Got WheelsPMud BuildersP
Colonial WilliamsburgJHow Life ChangedJ
Alpine Search DogsKFirefightersK
Lights On, Mr. EdisonKWe VoteK
The PilgrimsKComing to AmericaL
America’s SymbolsLHoaxes, Fibs, and FakesM
Growing Cities, Growing SuburbsLMaking Communities ShineN
From Your Home to the WorldMOur American FolkloreN
Good NeighborsMWants and NeedsN
National ParksNArtists at WorkO
Race to the South PoleNThe Statue of LibertyO
Building Up!OEveryday InventionsP
Mount RushmoreOMarching for the VoteP
What Is a Capital?OMoonwalkersP
The Colorado RiverP  
MathAbout How Many? JDollars and CentsJ
Fact FamiliesLA Fair ShareK
Money Around the WorldMWhen You EstimateL
Tiling ShapesNBreak That CodeM
FictionThe Dragon’s Rescue JHenry’s HeroJ
Sebastian Tidies UpJPaul Bunyan and BabeJ
Hollywood Comes to Swan BayKBubble BusterK
Really FamousKCreepy McPheeK
The Mummy’s CurseLThe Jumping ContestK
The Queen’s New PalaceLIt’s Payback TimeL
Sticky FingersLA Problem in the PalaceL
The Case of the Missing NumbersMTroublemakerL
Green with Red Spots HorribleMChocolate ChucklesM
The Story of Pecos BillMPower Loss!M
Diego’s Space AdventureNTo Rob a DragonM
The Very First SongNTrapped!M
The Fox, the Dog, and the CoyoteOThe Hawk Who Wouldn’t HuntN
The Peanut ProjectPAlex Swings the VoteO
  Elena the ExplorerP

GRL: Guided Reading Level

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Grade 3 Collections
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-33422 Set A Collection: 50 Books (1 each of 50 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $332.00
WA-33423 Set B Collection: 50 Books (1 each of 50 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $332.00
WA-36316 Set C Collection: 50 Books (1 each of 50 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $332.00
WA-39796 Set D Collection: 48 Books (1 each of 48 titles); FREE Storage/Display Box $332.00

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