Decoder Kids

Grades K to 1

High-Quality Decodable Readers with Systematic Phonics Instruction

  • Follow a defined Scope & Sequence as you progressively introduce letter-sound relationships in each Decodable Reader.
  • Encourage students to decode sounds and blends, and experience early reading success with original and engaging Fiction & Nonfiction Readers.
  • Practice Phonics Skills and High-Frequency Words in context while nurturing a love of reading.
Decoder Kids is a Beginning Reading solution that introduces carefully sequenced letter-sound relationships in 90 appealing and original Fiction & Nonfiction books.
  • Delightful illustrations created for each story and striking photographs selected for each informational text contribute to authentic and meaningful reading experiences.
  • Each book is tied to a systematic Scope & Sequence and provides new readers practice reading vowels, consonants, digraphs, and high-frequency words.
  • Book-by-book explicit instruction supports educators in whole group and small group settings, as they model, teach, and scaffold students through each phonics skill.
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Decoder Kids Phonics Kits:

Engaging & Meaningful Decodable Books Provide Phonics Practice

Kindergarten Kit

30 Decodable Books in Print & Digital Formats
Letter Recognition and Sound Correspondence, Short and Long Vowels, & Blends
  • 1 Fiction or Nonfiction Book per Week for 30 Weeks
    (Available in 6-Packs or 24-Packs)
  • Teacher Guide with Lesson Plans & Blackline Masters
  • Storage Boxes

Grade 1 Kit

60 Decodable Books in Print & Digital Formats
Short and Long Vowel Spellings, Digraphs, Blends, r-Controlled Vowels, & Dipthongs
  • 2 Connected Fiction or Nonfiction Books per Week for 30 Weeks
    (Available in 6-Packs or 24-Packs)
  • Teacher Guide with Lesson Plans & Blackline Masters
  • Storage Boxes

Decoder Kids Phonics Kit Components:

Student Books

Engaging & Meaningful Decodable Books—in Print and E-Book Formats—Provide Phonics Practice
  • Fiction contains adorable animal characters and relatable human characters, with a variety of settings and captivating plots, and original illustrations.
  • Engaging Informational Texts feature fascinating details and individually selected photographs, aligned to content standards.
  • Grade appropriate text load that gradually increases from week to week
  • Systematic use of decodable words: Text that combines the target phonics skill with previously taught skills
  • Multiple uses of the high-frequency words being taught
  • Word Study Skill exemplar words throughout the text for a closer analysis of word structures
  • Think About It Questions assess progress: Use students' work to determine their overall comprehension of the text as well as the phonics skill.
  • Book Information Labels target phonics sounds, high-frequency words, word count, and decodability percentage.
Take a Look Inside! Download FREE Student E-Book Samples.

Teacher Guide with Lesson Plans & Blackline Masters

Each full-color, spiral-bound Teacher Guide contains a Lesson Plan with systematic Phonics, Comprehension, & Fluency Instruction, a Blackline Master for Phonics Practice & Progress Monitoring for every Student Book, and additional strategies.
  • English Language Learner Support
  • Phonics Routines for Every Lesson
  • Extension Activities for Additional Practice
  • High-Frequency Word Cards & Letter Cards
Lesson Plans:
  • Systematic Phonics Instruction that builds on the skills taught in previous weeks
  • Get started with a Phonemic Awareness Activity
  • Direct Phonics Instructional Support for straightforward implementation in any classroom setting
  • Concrete ELL Support for sound transfer or vocabulary difficulties this group of students may face
  • Concise, effective high-frequency word routines with content-related sentences for each book
  • Monitor comprehension with a read-aloud of the book and a group discussion
  • Specific activity to support Fluency, an essential step to reading comprehension
  • Decodability Percentage: Student can apply and master phonics skills with a 65% or greater proportion of decodable words in every Student Book.
Blackline Masters:
  • Target phonics and word study skill(s)
  • Recall the phonics skills with a brief description and examples
  • Activity 1 (Word Detective): Students find examples in the book of words that demonstrate the phonics skill
  • Activity 2: Students complete an activity to practice the phonics skill
  • Activity 3: Students apply their understanding of the word study or phonics skill
Take a Look Inside! Download FREE Lesson Plan Samples with Blackline Masters.

Decoder Kids Phonics Kits are Available in Small Group 6-Pack or Whole Class 24-Pack Configurations


Decoder Kids
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-40508 Kindergarten Small Group Set: 180 Print Books (6 each of 30 titles); 30 E-Books (PDFs); Teacher Guide $1,255.00
WA-40509 Kindergarten Classroom Collection: 720 Print Books (24 each of 30 titles); 30 E-Books (PDFs); Teacher Guide $4,275.00
WA-40590 Kindergarten: Teacher Guide $100.00
WA-40510 Grade 1 Small Group Set: 360 Print Books (6 each of 60 titles); 60 E-Books (PDFs); Teacher Guide $2,455.00
WA-40511 Grade 1 Classroom Collection: 1,440 Print Books (24 each of 60 titles); 60 E-Books (PDFs); Teacher Guide $8,545.00
WA-40591 Grade 1: Teacher Guide $100.00

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