Ranger Rick® Science

Grades 3 to 6

Popular science books that meet your district's science standards while keeping students motivated, curious, and learning.

The Ranger Rick Science Program, developed by Newbridge Educational Publishing in partnership with the National Wildlife Federation®, covers a wide range of science concepts with standards-based content and spectacular real-world photography. Help your students achieve fluency in accessing, processing, and communicating informational text. The in-depth text will expand students' knowledge as they acquire key science concepts and build specialized vocabulary and comprehension. Open new windows into the world for your students with the Ranger Rick Science Program!

Seven Topic Sets (6 titles each) introduce key concepts across the science and geography curricula:

  • Exploring Our World
  • Habitats & Ecosystems
  • Physical Science
  • Earth Science
  • Saving Our Environment
  • Secrets of Nature
  • Animal Life

Learn more about the 7 Topic Sets.

The Ranger Rick Program supports research-based instructional practices. For more information, call 800-867-0307.

Theme Unit components: Big Book, Student Book 6-Pack, Teacher Guide, and FREE Tote Bag.
Performance Assessment is also available.

Big Books
Standards-based Big Books cover a balance of Life, Earth, and Physical Science Concepts
  • Each 6-title set focuses on a different theme—each individual title on a different science subject
  • Poster-size, real-life photos
  • Jumbo 14" x 20" size, 20 pages
  • Interactive text
  • Table of Contents and Index
  • Maps and Graphs
Student Book 6-Packs
Help students build fluency and science literacy
  • 6 full-color, reduced size (8" x 11") Big Book replicas for each title (6 titles in each Topic Set)
  • Promote independent reading of nonfiction topics
  • Selected titles include activities that integrate science process skills into the content
  • Selected titles feature sidebars that introduce the real people behind the science
Teacher Guides
Guide the student reading, writing, and assessment process while reinforcing Phonemic Awareness/Phonics, Vocabulary, Comprehension, and Fluency.
  • 16 pages—8 1/2" x 11"
  • Science background information
  • Hands-on investigations
  • Authentic assessment tasks
  • Content objectives and research writing activities
  • Higher level questioning strategies
  • Cross-curricular activities
  • Take a look inside! Download a FREE Teacher Guide sampler.
Nonfiction Performance Assessment
The 2-part nonfiction performance assessment for each of the 30 original titles in Ranger Rick includes:
  • Graphic organizers such as Venn diagrams, cause-effect flowcharts, and diagrams to measure students’ ability to process information
  • Writing prompts for narrative, descriptive, expository, and persuasive response
  • Easy-to-use scoring rubrics for each of the modes of nonfiction writing
Order the Complete Program: 7 Topic Sets, 6 Theme Units each

The following Topic Sets are available in the Ranger Rick® Science Program:

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level Lexile® Page Count
Ranger Rick®: Exploring Our World Topic Set 3 - 6 S - V 850L - 970L 20
Ranger Rick®: Animal Life Topic Set 3 - 6 N - Q 830L - 1040L 20
Ranger Rick®: Earth Science Topic Set 3 - 6 M - T 830L - 950L 20
Ranger Rick®: Habitats & Ecosystems Topic Set 3 - 6 O - Q 860L - 1070L 20
Ranger Rick®: Physical Science Topic Set 3 - 6 N - T 870L - 980L 20
Ranger Rick®: Saving Our Environment Topic Set 3 - 6 N - O 750L - 1080L 20
Ranger Rick®: Secrets of Nature Topic Set 3 - 6 N - T 930L - 1000L 20


Ranger Rick® Science
Quantity Order Code ConfigurationPrice
WA-803100 Performance Assessment for Ranger Rick® $30.00
WA-821472 Complete Student Book Single Copy Set: 42 Student Books (1 each of 42 titles) $333.00
WA-821354 Big Book Collection: 42 Big Books; 42 Teacher Guides; 7 clear vinyl Tote Bags $1,662.00
WA-821350 Complete Program, Portfolio Bag Option: 42 Big Books; 42 Teacher Guides; 42 Student Book 6-Packs (252 books); FREE Big Book Display Pouch; 7 FREE Portfolio Bags $3,447.00
WA-821351 Complete Program, Tote Bag Option: 42 Big Books; 42 Teacher Guides; 42 Student Book 6-Packs (252 books); FREE Big Book Display Pouch; 42 FREE clear vinyl Tote Bags $3,447.00

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