ELL Text Sets

Grades K to 5

Ready-Made ELL Text Sets Help to Align the ELP Standards to the CCSS!
Many states have begun the process of adapting the English Language Proficiency (ELP) Standards to align with the Common Core State Standards. Given the emphasis on close reading and obtaining evidence from a text that is the focus of the CCSS, English Language Learners face a double challenge of simultaneously acquiring a second language as well as gaining an understanding of the knowledge and skills in multiple disciplines through that second language.

Sundance/Newbridge ELL Grade Text Sets help to support teachers in engaging ELL students. The ELL Sets contain:

Student Books

  • 12 consistently leveled texts that are accessible to ELL students and yet are at a complexity level that meets the CCSS expectations
  • Topics and stories that are age-appropriate and draw on background known to most students
  • High-quality illustrations and photographs that grab students' attention and support the text for improved comprehension

Teacher Guide for ELL Text Sets

ELL Text Sets Teacher GuideEach set includes the ELL Text Sets Teacher Guide, developed to support you in adopting and implementing specific Common Core State Standards for ELL students.

  • Plans for Independent Reading, Small Group Guided Instructions, and assessment suggestions
  • Explicit support for teachers as they make the instructional shift necessary to meet the goals of the ELP standards
  • Look Inside! Preview a complimentary copy of the Teacher's Guide.

Smart Word Vocabulary Cards
Each Classroom Set includes Smart Word vocabulary cards for those readers who may need vocabulary reinforcement. Smart Word cards feature "Tier 2" words that have rich applications in the Speaking and Listening, Reading and Writing Common Core State Standards.

Take a Closer Look!

ELL Text Sets Teacher Guide Sampler
Preview a Complimentary Copy of the Teacher Guide

Specially developed to support you in adopting and implementing specific Common Core State Standards for ELL students

ELL Text Sets Include:

48 Student Books
(4 copies of 12 titles)

ELL Teacher Guide

Individual title Teacher Guides for most books

Smart Word Vocabulary Cards

Display Box

Titles in this Series Grade/Interest Level Guided Rdg Level
Kindergarten ELL Text Sets K A - D
Grade 1 ELL Text Sets 1 E - J
Grade 2 ELL Text Sets 2 K - M
Grade 3 ELL Text Sets 3 N - P
Grade 4 ELL Text Sets 4 Q - S
Grade 5 ELL Text Set 5 T - V

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